DxREX SMS-Router
DxREX is used for the planning and control of task-force-services. Received messages of a telephone-installation, via Email or via SMS or generated by the manual release of a predetermined event can be transmitted to preselected groups. more...
DxGO - GSM-Control
NEW - SPS-Functions: Switch the exits in dependence of different parameters; Simple logical connections (AND, OR, NOT)
NEW - GPRS-Support: Continuous online-connection between DxGO and DxNET; Supervision and control via Internet portal www.dxgo.net

With DxGO you're able to send freely configurable text messages to GSM mobile phone with appearance of an event. It is also possible to transmit the message as a fax, email, voice message or to a pager, a PC (DxLEIT) or to the Internet Control Station DxNET (www.dxgo.net). The transmission takes place as a short data telegram (Short Message Service - SMS). more...
mobile phone with dead man's control and GPS-locating
The DxTO-GSM 900/1800 is a normal GSM mobile phone with an additional dead man's control. The release of the alert through the dead man's control takes place with inclination of the telephone into a certain position. The alert notification takes place via SMS at a pre-determined central-station or another mobile-participant. more...
Top Hat Rail Modems for industrial use
MOD-ISDN, MOD-ANALOG and MOD-GSM are industry top hat rail modems for the usage of different transmission routes.
GSM/GRPS-Module for DIN-rail assembly
DxINT makes it possible to announce events by SMS, FAX, email, Pager or in the Internet. In addition you are able to activate a switching exit by sending a SMS or email. more...
single and group notification via keypress
The DxCALL system can be put in for applications like for example the person-notification, group alerting or - control. It enables you to report events as SMS, FAX, email and pager call. Additional to single calls can be caused also groups - and collective-notification.more...
GSM Remote Control and Servicing
With DxDATA you can dispatch freely configurable plain text messages (SMS) with the occurrence of an event automatically to GSM cell phones and in addition establish a data connection over the GSM net to an existing plant. DxDATA behaves as if you were on location. more...
Remote Control Station
DxLEIT is a Remote-control-station-Software for the handling of all the Dx-devices. It offers an interactive user interface in form of index cards, from which you can select different functions. The index card "Remote-control-station log book" indicates all arriving indications with date, time, name of station and information. more...
Internet/Intranet Control Station for Dx-Devices
The DxNET control center enables telemonitoring and -controlling via the internet with station in the GSM-network. Based on the long approved Dx-Devices from Döbelt Datenkommunikation, you can now control and supervise your facilities via the Intra-/Internet - worldwide and wireless. more...
Automatic water level measuring with supervision
Battery-driven data-loggers transfer logged information in freely selectable time-screens via GSM or GPRS at a central server. Different data-logging devices are available so that we can offer the right solution for each application. more...
Online measuring data-logging
The DxLIFE is a battery supplied data-logger with GSM-transmission. DxLIFE offers different accesses for contacts, (counting -) impulses and measurement signals. The power supply of the sensors works via DxLIFE, an additional power supply is not necessary. more...
Battery Operated Online Water Analysis
DxLIFE WATER is a floating battery operated online water analysis device with an integrated measured value processing, data logger and GSM/GPRS remote transmission. The application is the monitoring of critical parameters in waters of any kind (lakes, rivers, wastewater treatment plants, etc.). more...
Online-Event Reporter
DxEVENT is an event reporter with battery-supply and GSM/GPRS-modem. the appliance is switched on over an external contact when opening and/or closing. Afterwards, DxEVENT sends the deposited messages to the pre-determined telephone numbers. SMS can be transmitted, also with rear telephone call, email -, FAX - or VOICE - news, just as data send at the internet control station DxNET. more...
FLEX - the radio-terminal
Point-to-Point-radio connection
FLEX represents a wireless transmission system for signals, data and voice over distances up to 300 meters. The data exchange between FLEX Stations will be realisied by radio connections free of charge. A standard application is a bidirectional point to point transmission between two FLEX-Stations. more...
NET-Guard NETGuard!
Supervision of PC's in a TCP/IP-Network
NET-Guard is a completely new developed solution for monitoring TCP/IP enabled computers. It was designed for the break-through Java 2 platform from Sun Microsystems and runs on a wide variety of systems without beeing forced on a special operating system. more...
remote supervision with telephone, fax and radio paging
With the FAMO-Event Detectors you can transmit fax-texts, beep tones, pager or sms to radio-recipients, telephones, fax-appliances or data-telegrams with the appearance of an event automatically to a telecontrol station. The device can be driven with and without a conventional telephone network connection, for example only with one GSM-Adapter. more...
FAMO products: AUTOFAX, CITYFAX, HANDYFAX, Event Message Control
Remote control station with fax and GSM SMS
Using the event reporter HANDYFAX appearing events cause an automatic transmission of TELEFAX-messages and/or brief data telegrams to GSM cellular phones or data telegrams to a remote control station. The device is able to work without a wire phone net-work connection, by using a cellular phone with an interface for an analog phone. more...
The compact telecontrol system
UNINET is an extensive system to the supervision and control of telecontrol systems different type and size. It consists of a telecontrol station and of virtually arbitrary lots of telecontrol substations. The communication between the control system and the substations can take place via analog modems, dedicated-line-modems, radio-modems or via bundle-radio. more...
The ASCII-fax converter
The FAMO-CONV device is a modem with a fax-converter, which prepares ASCII-texts in a way, that they can be changed in a FAX-message and can be sent afterwards. The conversion of the ASCII-characters into the necessary pixel-graphics does the FAMO-CONV device automatically. The time-consuming conversion trough a corresponding computer program is not applicable. more...
Telefon Recorder
TelREC ist ein Gerät zur Aufzeichnung von Telefongesprächen, z.B. in Notrufzentralen zum Nachweis von Anrufen. Das Gerät hat eine Aufnahmekapazität von bis zu 1950 Stunden. Es ist netzwerkfähig und kann vor unerlaubtem Zugriff geschützt werden (Crypto-Card-Schutz).more...
Mobile GPS-Locating via GSM/GPRS
With DxPOS and DxFleet we provide an ideal solution for the remote monitoring and locating of vehicles. DxPOS possesses an integrated logger function for the recording of the route. The position data can be sent to a fax receiver or to a control station via sms, e-mail or via fax. more...
GPS Locating with GSM/GPRS
DxGO-POS combines the functions of the DxGO device with the functions of a GPS receiver and therewith it makes the locating and monitoring of positions of mobile devices or system as well as vehicles possible. more...