Supervision of PC's in a TCP/IP-Network

What is NET-Guard?

NET-Guard is a completely new developed solution for monitoring TCP/IP enabled computers. NET-Guard was designed for the break-through Java 2 platform from Sun Microsystems and runs on a wide variety of systems without beeing forced on a special operating system.

NET-Guard features the following and much more:

  • Monitoring from five up to hundreds of computers (depending on the version).
  • Transmission of e-Mail, SMS & Fax when a monitored computer comes back to work.
  • Transmission of e-Mail, SMS & Fax when a monitored computers hangs or is switched off (with a configurable error counter).
  • Monitoring intervall from 0-60 minutes.
  • Monitoring of individual computers can easily switched on or off.
  • Support for individual configuration files.
  • Graphical user interface.

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