Automatic water level measuring with supervision

System solution to the electricity network-independant logging and online data transmission via GSM/GPRS as well as visualisation in the internet

Warning systems for high water, floodings with online visualisation


  • Battery operated datalogger with durability of up to 10 years
  • Small overall size (l*w*h: 30*80*50 mm3), IP68 (water proof)
  • Logging and storing of analogue and digital measured values
  • Grenzwertüberwachung mit automatischer Datenübertragung
  • Supervision of critical objects
  • Cyclic online transmission of the data via GSM, GPRS or HSCSD
  • Transmission via SMS, e-mail and visualisation in the internet
  • Web hosting and data logging as a service
  • Generation of custom web pages with the logged data
  • Integration in customer owned internet presence
  • Complete solution with hard-, software and service from one source

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The battery-driven data-logger of DxLIFE transfers logged information in freely selectable time-screens via GSM or GPRS at a central computer (server).
Different data-logging devices are available so that we can offer the right solution for each application.
Stands them a multiplicity as data-suppliers from sensors by the disposal, level-sensors, temperature-sensors, pressure-sensors, etc. By default integrated is already the measurement of the field-strength, the measurement of the battery-tension and a temperature-measurement.
The data-transfer can immediately be operated with the current values or can be transferred in certain intervals (for example daily/weekly). With the interval-transfer, a supervision on limits, with whose overstepping an immediate alarm is caused, can be planned in the intervals. The data-logging devices are virtually maintenance-free. With weekly transfer and hourly measurement, the battery-lifespan amounts to up to 10 years.
The data of DxLIFE are sent via SMS or data-connection to a computer, that is connected to the internet (DxNET,

On this computer, the data are received, evaluated, logged and prepared visually for internet users. The transfer takes place over GSM/GPRS cost-efficient.
Individual custom-designed web pages can be generated, deposited and included into the own web page. So, the representation of the measured values is in overview-cards for example or as station-specific evaluation possible.
These data are accessible for each user connected at the network. With important events, a spontaneous notification of the users can take place via SMS or e-mail for example.


Highwater warning systems, online groundwaterlevel measurings with citizen information, shaft supervision, supervision of penstocks, etc.

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