5. System Solutions and Applications
System Solutions Applications
System solution for monitoring water levels, etc.
Battery-powered data collecting devices transmit information via GSM or GPRS to a central server. Time patterns can be adjusted to the user's needs. Various data collecting devices are available, so we can offer the right solution to any application of this kind. Read more...
5. System Solutions and Applications
System Solutions Applications
Battery-powered online water analysis with remote transmission
The DxLIFE WATER is a floating, battery-powered device, which allows for automatic online water analysis. It provides integrated data processing, logging, and GSM/GPRS remote transmissions. It is used for monitoring critical water parameters of different bodies of water (lakes, rivers, wastewater treatment plants). Read more...

GPS locating system with GSM transmission
With DxPOS we offer you a complete solution for telemonitoring and locating of your vehicles. The DxPOS device comes with an integrated logging function to record a vehicle's driving routes. Read more...

Locating of ships, vehicles, mobile units, and persons by employing GPS and GSM
The DxGO-POS device combines the functionality of DxGO devices with that of a GPS receiver. Thus it allows for locating and monitoring of mobile devices and mobile facilities as well as vehicles. The position is determined with longitude and latitude, which are then shown on the device's display. Read more...