7. Extras - Radio Bridges
Radio Bridges Telephone Systems Data Compaction Supervision
FLEX - the radio-terminal
Point-to-Point-radio connection
FLEX represents a wireless transmission system for signals, data and voice over distances up to 300 meters. The data exchange between FLEX Stations will be realisied by radio connections free of charge. A standard application is a bidirectional point to point transmission between two FLEX-Stations. more...
7. Extras - Telephone Systems
Radio Bridges Telephone Systems Data Compaction Supervision
The ASCII-fax converter
The FAMO-CONV device is a modem with a fax-converter, which prepares ASCII-texts in a way, that they can be changed in a FAX-message and can be sent afterwards. The conversion of the ASCII-characters into the necessary pixel-graphics does the FAMO-CONV device automatically. The time-consuming conversion trough a corresponding computer program is not applicable. more...

Telefon Recorder
TelREC ist ein Gerät zur Aufzeichnung von Telefongesprächen, z.B. in Notrufzentralen zum Nachweis von Anrufen. Das Gerät hat eine Aufnahmekapazität von bis zu 1950 Stunden. Es ist netzwerkfähig und kann vor unerlaubtem Zugriff geschützt werden (Crypto-Card-Schutz).more...
7. Extras - Supervision
Radio Bridges Telephone Systems Data Compaction Supervision
NET-Guard NETGuard!
Supervision of PC's in a TCP/IP-Network
NET-Guard is a completely new developed solution for monitoring TCP/IP enabled computers. It was designed for the break-through Java 2 platform from Sun Microsystems and runs on a wide variety of systems without beeing forced on a special operating system. more...