4. Call Systems - Single Call Systems
Single Call Systems Group Call Systems
mobile phone with dead man's control and GPS-locating
The DxTO-GSM 900/1800 is a normal GSM mobile phone with an additional dead man's control. The release of the alert through the dead man's control takes place with inclination of the telephone into a certain position. The alert notification takes place via SMS at a pre-determined central-station or another mobile-participant. more...

NET-Guard FAMO Mobile Phone Fax
Remote control station with fax and GSM SMS
Using the event reporter HANDYFAX appearing events cause an automatic transmission of TELEFAX-messages and/or brief data telegrams to GSM cellular phones or data telegrams to a remote control station. The device is able to work without a wire phone net-work connection, by using a cellular phone with an interface for an analog phone. more...

DxGO - GSM-Control
NEW - SPS-Functions: Switch the exits in dependence of different parameters; Simple logical connections (AND, OR, NOT)
NEW - GPRS-Support: Continuous online-connection between DxGO and DxNET; Supervision and control via Internet portal www.dxgo.net

With DxGO you're able to send freely configurable text messages to GSM mobile phone with appearance of an event. It is also possible to transmit the message as a fax, email, voice message or to a pager, a PC (DxLEIT) or to the Internet Control Station DxNET (www.dxgo.net). The transmission takes place as a short data telegram (Short Message Service - SMS). more...
4. Call Systems - Group Call Systems
Single Call Systems Group Call Systems
DxREX SMS-Router
DxREX is used for the planning and control of task-force-services. Received messages of a telephone-installation, via Email or via SMS or generated by the manual release of a predetermined event can be transmitted to preselected groups. more...

single and group notification via keypress
The DxCALL system can be put in for applications like for example the person-notification, group alerting or - control. It enables you to report events as SMS, FAX, email and pager call. Additional to single calls can be caused also groups - and collective-notification.more...

NET-Guard NETGuard!
Supervision of PC's in a TCP/IP-Network
NET-Guard is a completely new developed solution for monitoring TCP/IP enabled computers. It was designed for the break-through Java 2 platform from Sun Microsystems and runs on a wide variety of systems without beeing forced on a special operating system. more...