2. Telecontrol Devices - Low Computing Power
Low Power Medium Power High Power With Control Station
GSM/GRPS-Module for DIN-rail assembly
DxINT makes it possible to announce events by SMS, FAX, email, Pager or in the Internet. In addition you are able to activate a switching exit by sending a SMS or email. more...
2. Telecontrol Devices - Medium Computing Power
Low Power Medium Power High Power With Control Station
Online measuring data-logging
The DxLIFE is a battery supplied data-logger with GSM-transmission. DxLIFE offers different accesses for contacts, (counting -) impulses and measurement signals. The power supply of the sensors works via DxLIFE, an additional power supply is not necessary. more...

Online-Event Reporter
DxEVENT is an event reporter with battery-supply and GSM/GPRS-modem. the appliance is switched on over an external contact when opening and/or closing. Afterwards, DxEVENT sends the deposited messages to the pre-determined telephone numbers. SMS can be transmitted, also with rear telephone call, email -, FAX - or VOICE - news, just as data send at the internet control station DxNET. more...

DxGO - GSM-Control
NEW - SPS-Functions: Switch the exits in dependence of different parameters; Simple logical connections (AND, OR, NOT)
NEW - GPRS-Support: Continuous online-connection between DxGO and DxNET; Supervision and control via Internet portal www.dxgo.net

With DxGO you're able to send freely configurable text messages to GSM mobile phone with appearance of an event. It is also possible to transmit the message as a fax, email, voice message or to a pager, a PC (DxLEIT) or to the Internet Control Station DxNET (www.dxgo.net). The transmission takes place as a short data telegram (Short Message Service - SMS). more...

GSM Remote Control and Servicing
With DxDATA you can dispatch freely configurable plain text messages (SMS) with the occurrence of an event automatically to GSM cell phones and in addition establish a data connection over the GSM net to an existing plant. DxDATA behaves as if you were on location. more...
2. Telecontrol Devices - High Computing Power
Low Power Medium Power High Power With Control Station
The compact telecontrol system
UNINET is an extensive system to the supervision and control of telecontrol systems different type and size. It consists of a telecontrol station and of virtually arbitrary lots of telecontrol substations. The communication between the control system and the substations can take place via analog modems, dedicated-line-modems, radio-modems or via bundle-radio. more...