3. Event Reporters
Event Reporters Visual Surveillance
remote supervision with telephone, fax and radio paging
With the FAMO-Event Detectors you can transmit fax-texts, beep tones, pager or sms to radio-recipients, telephones, fax-appliances or data-telegrams with the appearance of an event automatically to a telecontrol station. The device can be driven with and without a conventional telephone network connection, for example only with one GSM-Adapter. more...
FAMO products: Auto Fax, City Fax, Mobile Phone Fax, Event Message Control

Online-Event Reporter
DxEVENT is an event reporter with battery-supply and GSM/GPRS-modem. the appliance is switched on over an external contact when opening and/or closing. Afterwards, DxEVENT sends the deposited messages to the pre-determined telephone numbers. SMS can be transmitted, also with rear telephone call, email -, FAX - or VOICE - news, just as data send at the internet control station DxNET. more...

mobile phone with dead man's control and GPS-locating
The DxTO-GSM 900/1800 is a normal GSM mobile phone with an additional dead man's control. The release of the alert through the dead man's control takes place with inclination of the telephone into a certain position. The alert notification takes place via SMS at a pre-determined central-station or another mobile-participant. more...

GSM/GPRS-Module for DIN-rail assembly
DxINT makes it possible to announce events by SMS, FAX, email, Pager or in the Internet. In addition you are able to activate a switching exit by sending a SMS or email. more...