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Vending Machine Management


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Frequently, vending machines and other automata suffer technical malfunctions or are destroyed due to vandalism. Sometimes, a customer's preferred commodity is not available. These and other complications reduce the vending machine profits for the operator. Hence, a connection of such machines to a centralized monitoring and service system is necessary for efficient use. In the past, such connections often could not be established due to inaccessible phone lines, the lack of suitable technology in existing machines, or because it was too expensive.

Nowadays, after the establishment of wireless communication networks with comprehensive coverage, equipping vending machines with GSM connections is the next logical step. Existing machines can be updated easily with a monitoring device like DxGO-GSM-Control, which registers malfunctions and other events. All event messages can then be transmitted to cell phones, fax machines and PC's. They can also be sent via email.

Transmission of sales statistics is also possible, but it requires internal communication with the machine's control technology, which would require adaptation of protocols. Recent vending machines and some older models already offer this capability. The control station can either be a PC, or a mobile computer.

DxGO devices can be freely configured to the operator's needs. In the simplest case they can also be operated without a control center. All messages will then be transmitted to cell phones, fax machines, or via email. Should further information or machine control be required, a control center software will be used.

If installation of a telecontrol system becomes necessary at a later time, the existing DxGO units can remain in use without any change to the hardware. Only a change in the configuration needs to be made, which is also possible from a remote location. Thus, it is possible to start out with a small localized system which can later be extended into a complete telecontrol system. Because of these possibilities the operator has the greatest possible protection of investment.

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Control Station:

The control station possesses the communication equipment necessary for vending machines, as well as functions for error monitoring, recognition of the operating status, and customer-specific evaluations (such as sales, stocks, statistics). It receives and sends information.

Characteristics of the telecontrol station DxGO GSM-Control:

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