1. Control Stations - Desktop PCs
Desktop PCs Inter-/Intranet Laptops Phone
Remote Control Station
DxLEIT is a Remote-control-station-Software for the handling of all the Dx-devices. It offers an interactive user interface in form of index cards, from which you can select different functions. The index card "Remote-control-station log book" indicates all arriving indications with date, time, name of station and information. more...
1. Control Stations - Inter-/Intranet
Desktop PCs Inter-/Intranet Mobile PCs Telefon
Internet/Intranet Control Station for Dx-Devices
The DxNET control center enables telemonitoring and -controlling via the internet with station in the GSM-network. Based on the long approved Dx-Devices from Döbelt Datenkommunikation, you can now control and supervise your facilities via the Intra-/Internet - worldwide and wireless. more...